Adding essential oils

Adding your own essential oils to Annie's massage wax
Massage Wax

1. Place the required quantity of massage wax in a small glass bowl.

2. Rest the bowl in a pan of cold/warm water.
3. Heat gently to max 70 degrees with the occasional stir until you have an oily consistency (do not overheat).
4. Add the chosen essential oils.
5. Stir well to ensure that the oils and beeswax emulsifies evenly.
6 . Allow to slowly cool at room temperature.

The massage medium will be ready to use once it has regained its original waxy consistency.

Alternatively you can use a microwave on its lowest setting.

It is recommended that the use of essential oils should only be undertaken by a professional aromatherapist.

You have a choice of two of Annie's Bee Natural product range. Annie's Nut & Aroma Free or Physio Massage Wax.